I will be regularily adding new reflections. Some are very short and can be used to meditate on. Please read and enjoy. One may be just what you needed to hear today.
  • Discipline is remebering what you want.
  • Happiness is the momentary disappearance of inner conflicts.
  • The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.
  • Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.
  • An opinion should be the result of thought not a substitute for it.
  • In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.
  • Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.
  • The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
  • When yoga lives in your heart, you can find peace anywhere you go.
  • Always do your best, but always keep in mind that your best is going to change from moment to moment; for example, it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.
  • Life is often seen as a path with hardships and obstacles, surprises and treasures. Different stages bring different experiences and realiaztions. Overall it is not the expereiences themselves that stay with us but what we lean and understand from them. Walking the path as if it was a learning journey is what creates a meaningful life.
  • When in doubt, just take the next step.
  • Happiness is not out there in anything you don’t have right now.
  • Take a deep breath; It calms the mind.
  • Over prepare and then go with the flow
  • No one is in charge of your happiness but you.
  • Forgive everyone everything.
  • What other people think if you is none of your business.
  • Sometimes the smallest things can take up the most room in your heart.
  • Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
  • The best is yet to come.
The authors are unknown for all reflections that I have posted.

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